Kathryn Schenk Profile PicI was raised in American Midwest suburbia where an idyllic childhood allowed exploration of liberal educational topics. After graduation, I used my yearning for international experience to live in a handful of different countries before settling down to complete my Bachelors in International Relations. Even before my diploma had arrived, I was off to see the world again. This time, I relocated to South Africa, which has been my home for over a decade.

After my arrival to this new thumb tack on the map, I pursued work towards a Masters in Forced Migration. This was mixed with a healthy dose of learning experiences as a photography agent and stills producer.

Eventually, my passion for the written word consumed me, and I bid adieu to full time production work, although I still maintain a few cherished production clients. With a love of storytelling and communication propelling me, I spend my days creating and perfecting the written word for a clientele that spans the globe.