The truth is that I’ve not really been asked any questions about the Ask Katie website or blog.

But here are a few questions I anticipate cropping up as the blog expands – and a few reasons I’ve chosen to work the way I do.

Advertising and income questions

Truthfully, I find the ads on most sites quite irritating. I think they turn most people off, and I want to avoid that. 

Additionally, the revenue generated from mass advertisers is relatively low. I’d need to have a lot more traffic to justify the inconvenience to readers. By then, I hope there are other earning-opportunities available. 

At the moment, no. 

That doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future, but I’m concentrating on building quality content at the moment. 

If I do pivot to affiliate advertising, it will be transparent.

I love working. Feel free to throw writing, SEO, social media and marketing gigs my way. 

If you offer vegan products in South Africa or travel opportunities across the globe, I’d love to chat about your needs.

And, if you’re just a lovely person that wants to support an independent writer, you can always PayPal money to I won’t complain.

Food and recipe questions

Just like ads, I find scrolling through the backstory to get to the recipe troublesome. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got deep respect for the food bloggers with more experience, several of whom follow this format.

But, I’m doing it the way I want to find recipes: with the actual recipe as close to the top as possible and just enough photos to entice you.

I think food costs are increasingly important – again. Given the current financial state of the world and the people in it, home economics will retake its place at the centre of family living. 

You can learn more about Ask Katie recipe costs here.

While I’ve had the Ask Katie site for years, I haven’t made the most of it. That’s changing – and you’ll see new recipes weekly.

I’m up for the challenge, but only if they’re vegan (or can be veganised). Send a mail to if you have a suggestion.

Site questions

Yup. You can join the list by filling in your details below the FAQs.

Yes, you can find it here. But to make it easier, I’m not collecting or sharing any data other than the mailing list info – and I won’t pass your details on for love or money. 

I’ve been waiting to hear from you. But, I’m truly committed to only putting big words to products and places I fall in love with. If you’re good with honesty, I would love to hear from you; email with details.

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