Get your food truck fix at Engine 67 at Delta Park

Engine 67 red fire truck food truck at Delta Park
long view of Engine 67 at Delta Park

I’m the kind of person that gets excited whenever I spot a food truck. 

I know they’ve been trendy long enough that the shine should’ve worn off this experience. 

But it hasn’t.

It’s probably just that I don’t spend a lot of time at places where food trucks hang out. Sure, there’s the one at the Vegan Market at Pirates – and also First Thursdays in Rosebank (when it reopens). And, yeah, these still thrill me. 

It’s easy to imagine my delight when – on your average Sunday – I learned that there was a fire engine food truck just outside the parking at Delta Park. I instantly started pulling on my shoes and looking for cash. 

Because, food truck – and that explains it for me. 

What the truck? A food truck at Delta Park?

I had millions of questions off the bat. What kind of food? What are the prices like? Are they still there? When did you last see the truck?

The response to every question was, “I don’t know”.

So, between my love for good things local (including Delta Park) and my obsession with food trucks, you can totally understand why my shoes were on with mask in hand in a matter of minutes. 

Though it’s really close enough to walk, it was cold, and I was on a food procurement mission, so I got in the car and sped down the road at a whopping 40 kilometres per hour. (Stateside? That’s like 25 mph.)

Instantly, the way it happens for all vegans and vegetarians, my eyes darted to the Mexican Veg Tacos. 

Engine 67 burger and taco menu

If you’re American, the first thing you’ll notice is the addition of tzatziki to the Mexican tacos. That simply doesn’t belong there. 

You’ll also notice the tzatziki if you’re vegan. It still doesn’t belong there; neither does the cheddar cheese. 

As for the tzatziki being Greek and no Mexican, this is a problem I run into all the time in South Africa. It’s like they just don’t know. But then, why would they? And, I find myself throwing just about anything into tortillas these days; I just don’t call every concoction a taco. 

What the truck Engine 67

For the good news, the guy running Engine 67 understood that I wanted a vegan taco. He didn’t give me any grief about it either. And, he didn’t make me feel crazy for asking for more salsa and none of that crazy tzatziki stuff. 

Of course, if you’re a carnivore, none of this applies to you, and it’s really just a matter of hopping in your car and heading over to Delta Park. 

My suggestion? Make a day of it, especially if you’re stuck in Gauteng during lockdown. The park is beautiful, and now that they’ve got tacos, it’s even better. 

vegan taco from Engine 67 with beans corn and avo

And, in case you’re wondering the tacos are huge – and delicious. Go on… you know you want one. 

What you need to know about Engine 67

You’ll find Engine 67 at Pitcairn Rd in Blairgowrie, just outside the parking for Delta Park. 

  • Fri | 11-17h30
  • Sat – Sun | 7h30-17h30

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