Ask Katie recipe costs groceries

Ask Katie recipe costs

I’m American, and I tend to love the flavours of American foods – from gumbo and Tex-Mex to sandwiches and junk food. 

But I live in South Africa. And, what you might find inexpensively in the US doesn’t always translate into budget recipes in South Africa. While I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from sites like Budget Bytes, I can’t budget using international costs. And, I’m on a budget.

I want delicious, inexpensive vegan recipes – and I want to know how much they really cost. I’m still sharing South African recipe costs because you might find it useful too. 

How does Ask Katie cost recipes?

  1. Costs are in Rand | While you may find international costs in travel posts, all recipe costs are in South African Rand. More specifically, costs reflect the prices of my favourite suppliers in Johannesburg. These are likely to vary, however, depending on the grocers in other parts of South Africa.

  2. Prices from local suppliers | I get oil, vinegars, nuts, beans, lentils, pasta and baking ingredients from The Unwrapped. My produce and a few other bits come from Food in Motion. While I pick up other ingredients from fruit and veg stores, vegan markets and speciality shops, I use Pick n Pay and Woolworths prices for costing. Just about every recipe includes pricing from all 4 stores. 

  3. Costings from my recipe database | I’ve got really old recipe costing software that automatically calculates the recipe and portion cost so long as it knows the exact weight (even when calculating volume) and ingredient prices. Obviously, I’m working with averages in some cases; I have no idea how much each potato in a kilo bag weighs. But, they’re as precise and specific as I can be. 

Check out these awesome grocers and shops

Nope, I’m not making any money from recommending these suppliers. I just like their products, their prices, their service. I like them a lot, and I hope you do too.

The Unwrapped zero-waste shopping Johannesburg

I get all of my pantry staples from this awesome local business (which means they're costs are part of my recipe costs). The Unwrapped is a zero-waste online store delivering groceries, cleaning supplies and personal care items to Johannesburg and Pretoria. I STRONGLY suggest checking these guys out if you're in the area. There's no physical shopfront, but you're getting serious service here.

Food in Motion logo fresh groceries delivered

Want to know where I get my produce costs? It's these guys. Food in Motion sources the freshest produce (and other food) for the restaurant industry - and now they deliver to Johannesburg homes too. If you're in the area, these guys are 100% worth it; if you're not, see if you can find a restaurant produce supplier that does the same.

This Little Piggy deli Blairgowrie

Need a deli to pick up some lovely spreads, dips and more? These guys have you covered. They've got homemade vegan sauces, salads and sometimes soups on offer (not to mention some stunning wines). You might even be able to pick up some vegan cheese here; I have in the past. Don't know if something on the shelves is vegan? They do.

Want to see more local shops where you can source affordable vegan food? Drop me a line, I’ll happily add in some of my favourite spots if you’re keen to see them.