Fill your plate with vegan eats in Magoebaskloof

Inside The Iron Crown Haenertsburg

In some smaller South African towns, it’s almost impossible to find your vegan fix. That’s simply not the case in Magoebaskloof. 

As a vegan traveller, you can simply show up and eat well. Seriously.

Get your groceries from Cicadas

One of the best services I stumbled on when planning my mountain escape in Magoebaskloof was Cicadas Fresh Produce. 

Run by a Haenertsburg local, Teri, this service will stock your Magoebaskloof accommodation with fresh produce and local products (vegan and otherwise).

Produce and products from Cicadas Haenertsburg

If you’re planning to mostly support local restaurants during your Magoebaskloof (something I totally support if your budget allows), you can still sample local goodies by ordering a picnic basket. It can be set up with a blanket and everything you need to enjoy al fresco dining.

Either way, it’s easy to order. Simply choose what you want from the Cicadas website, or send Teri a mail with a list. Don’t worry, there are options for omnivores too. 

And, be prepared to be amazed. Everything exceeded my expectations (and they were pretty darn high). 

Haenertsburg local food products

Or, if you want to pick up a few local products along the way, be sure to stop in at the Magoebaskloof Farmstall and The Eatery on Rissik in Haenertsburg. I clearly couldn’t stop myself, even though we had more food than we could eat. 

It’s best to get your order in as early as possible, to take advantage of any special product offers or to request special items. You may not find everything on offer on the website; send a message if you’re looking for something specific.

Teri is super responsive, but she’s moving around all the time. If you’re in a rush for a response, send her a WhatsApp message. 

Visit the Magoebaskloof Farmstall

The Farmstall Magoebaskloof

Vegan or not, you need to make your way to the Magoebaskloof Farmstall if you’re anywhere near the area. Locals rate their coffee the best in town. 

Located just across the road from our accommodation at Magoebaskloof ME (Warriors Basecamp), there was no doubt we would stop. Indeed, having a vegan-friendly farmstall on the property was a motivating factor in choosing where to stay. 

Magoebaskloof Farmstall Menu

Though we weren’t here at breakfast time, I was super excited to spot a filling vegan breakfast option so prominently featured on the menu.

Magoebaskloof Farmstall Pizza Menu

Every vegan I know can take one look at this pizza menu and spot the plant-based option in mere seconds. 

While you’ll find vegan options in more restaurants these days, it’s so usually the backup option (without cheese) when you’re hungry on holiday in not-so-vegan-friendly spots. So, having a real option is very exciting – even though I would still order pizza without cheese. 

One thing I couldn’t pass up (as you’ll spot within my grocery photo above) was this Shama Chilli Sauce. After a taste, I grabbed a bottle without hesitation. It’s truly, wildly flavourful – just the sort of hot sauce I like. Now I wish I had taken a few more; my bottle will be gone in no time at all. 

Shama Chilli Sauce is good on everything – and especially the Meraki Burger I ordered while at the Magoebaskloof Farmstall. 

I could’ve drizzled it on the salad that came alongside my vegan burger. Then again, I didn’t want to take away from any of the fresh local flavours on my plate. 

Chilli sauce at Magoebaskloof Farmstall
Vegan Meraki Burger at Magoebaskloof Farmstall

If it’s not so cold and rainy when you visit the Magoebaskloof Farmstall, you may want to grab one of these picnic tables. The view is spectacular, even when it’s foggy.

Picnic tables outside Magoebaskloof Farmstall

Or, pop around the back and purchase a few plants from Busy Lizzys’ Petals to bring the mountain home with you. They’re not expensive and there’s a decent selection within this micro-nursery. At the very least, wander through to learn a few plant names and figure out what to call your favourites. 

Busy Lizzys Petals at Magoebaskloof Farmstall

Daily: 7h30-17

46.1 Magoebaskloof Road (R71) 0850

Enjoy a vegan burger at The Iron Crown

The Iron Crown pub Haenertsburg

The Iron Crown was the first place we sat down in Haenertsburg. And, in three days, we visited this local pub three times. 

Burger menu at The Iron Crown

But, it wasn’t until we were leaving Haenertsburg and heading home that we filled our bellies with their giant burgers. 

The little asterisk next to Mediterranean Veg signifies vegan-friendly according to their menu. In case you’re wondering, there’s also a vegan curry on the menu. 

And, even after seeing burger after burger pass to other patrons, I admit I was still sceptical of their vegan option. Would it just be a pile of roasted veg between a hamburger roll? I could’ve asked, the service is friendly enough, but I decided to wait and see. 

While waiting, I enjoyed a Bloody Mary – which was much deserved after a couple of strenuous hikes (stay tuned for future posts on those).

I’d totally forgotten how delicious Bloody Marys are. But, perhaps I should have held off because they’re so darn filling. And it turns out that I needed the space in my belly. 

That’s because The Iron Crown makes the best veggie burger I’ve ever had. Truly, it was that good. If I had ordered it on the first day in Haenertsburg, I would have ordered it every time we were in the village. 

Bloody Mary at The Iron Crown

As a vegan, the easiest option for ordering is the Mexican burger, which coincidentally is what I would’ve ordered anyhow. If you can handle the jalapeños, I strongly recommend ordering this burger. Even if you’re not vegan, it’s worth giving their Mediterranean Veg burger patty a try. It’s that good. 

And I will definitely return to Magoebaskloof to eat this again and again. 

Vegan burger at The Iron Crown

Sun: 9-15 | Tue-Fri: 11-20 | Sat: 9-20

Rissik Street, Haenertsburg 0730

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